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Python for Data Science Bootcamp

Unlock the power of Python for data-driven decision-making as you master Python programming fundamentals and dive into data analysis. Acquire essential skills to clean and manipulate data, create insightful visualizations, and perform statistical analysis, all through hands-on projects with real-world datasets.

Course Duration: 8 weeks (2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session)


  • Basic understanding of programming concepts (optional but helpful)

  • No prior experience with Python required

Week 1: Python Fundamentals

Session 1: Introduction to Python

  • Overview of Python and its applications in data science

  • Setting up the Python environment

  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

Session 2: Data Types & Variables

  • Statements & Expressions

  • Variables

  • Integers & Floats

  • Strings

Week 2: Data Structures & Attributes

Session 3: Basic Data Structures

  • Lists

  • Indexing & Slicing

  • Booleans

Session 4: Structuring Programs

  • Functions & Methods

  • Creating and using functions

  • Understanding method calls

Week 3: Complex Data Structures & Control Flow

Session 5: Advanced Data Structures

  • Dictionaries

  • Tuples

  • Sets

Session 6: Control Flow

  • Conditional Statements (if, elif, else)

  • For Loops

  • While Loops

Week 4: Packages & Object-Oriented Programming

Session 7: Object-Oriented Programming

  • Classes & Objects

  • Attributes and methods

  • Inheritance

Session 8: Modules & Imports

  • Importing libraries and modules

  • Creating and using packages

  • Understanding documentation and how to read it

Week 5: Arrays & Dataframes with NumPy

Session 9: Introduction to NumPy

  • Arrays

  • Creating arrays

  • Basic operations with arrays

Session 10: Advanced NumPy

  • Universal Functions

  • Boolean Indexing

  • Array manipulation

Week 6: Data Manipulation with Pandas

Session 11: Introduction to Pandas

  • Dataframes

  • Series & dtypes

  • Loading data into Pandas

Session 12: Advanced Pandas

  • Column Manipulation

  • Indexing and selecting data

  • Handling missing data

Week 7: Analyzing & Visualizing Data

Session 13: Data Analysis with Pandas

  • Filtering & Cleaning Data

  • Groupby Operations

  • Pivot Tables

Session 14: Data Visualization with Matplotlib

  • Introduction to Matplotlib

  • Creating basic plots (line, bar, scatter)

Week 8: Advanced Visualization Techniques & Project

Session 15: Customizing Visualizations

  • Histograms

  • Customizing plots

  • Combining multiple plots

Session 16: Final Project

  • Working on a real-world dataset

  • Cleaning and analyzing data

  • Creating visualizations

  • Presenting findings

Resources & Tools :

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Python (latest version)

  • Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib

Assessment :

  • Weekly assignments based on the covered topics

  • Final project presentation and report

Outcome: By the end of this bootcamp, you will be proficient in Python programming and data manipulation using Pandas and NumPy. You will also be capable of creating insightful visualizations and performing basic statistical analyses, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

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